Welcome to the Ridge View Business Department!

mrs-teschThis site will help students and parents keep up to date on happenings in the Ridge View Business Department. Mrs. Tesch has been managing the Ridge View business department since 2004. Students can take the following courses in our department: Accounting, Computer Applications 1, Computer Applications 2, Computer Science, Media/Yearbook, Marketing, MOC, and Personal Finance.  Computer Apps 1 & 2 are offered for dual credit from Western Iowa Tech; a student will earn high school and college credits.

Announcements/Homework Due Dates

Period 1 Media/Yearbook: Complete Theme Planning assignment

Period 2 Accounting: Chapter 11 Test Thurs. 12/1 and Ch 11 Challenge due

Period 3 Computer Apps: Word 1 Test Thurs. 12/1, check the classroom for a study guide.  Computer Apps Google Classroom

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