Students returned from break on January 3rd only to find out that 2018 was freezing! The cold streak has continued and I’m sure made for some interesting mornings and afternoons to and from school. Through it all, I have been very impressed with the overall demeanor and work ethic of our students at both the elementary and middle school. During the cold streak, students inside have been working to get back in the swing of things and doing a fantastic job.

On Monday, January 15th, students at the elementary participated in a morning of winter games in the gym. This celebration occurred because students reached their PBIS goal of 2,500 tickets for following school expectations and making positive choices. During this time, students were able to frost sugar cookies, compete in relays, play some unique versions of volleyball, and see who could dress up the fastest as snowmen.

At the middle school, Maker Spaces are fully underway and all students will have the opportunity to participate before the year is over. Maker Spaces provide a tremendous avenue for students to create in unique ways. The learning occurs opposite of Success during 5th hour. Mr. Davidson, Mrs. Stille, and Mrs. Teague have been working with different groups and guiding them in their journey. During this experience, students are able to utilize 3D pens to design objects that come to life from paper, construct windmills, make some unique fashion trends, build and create with Legos, and much more.

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