Dinosaur Detectives

This week, we are joining up with Mr. D as dinosaur detectives!  On our adventure, we have read many books about dinosaurs, made pictures of dinosaurs in their environments using stampers and crayons, sorted dinosaurs by how many feet they walk on, and played dinosaur matching games.

We also came up with 41 words that begin with the letter D.  We thought of as many as we could off of the top of our head, and then we did a scavenger hunt around the room for more.  Some of our words included dad, dock, dog, dollar, December, doctor, dinosaur, detective, and many more!

We hope you enjoy the pictures below!

20161212_094034     20161212_093942-1     20161212_094006

20161213_091707     20161213_091748     20161213_091726     20161213_091718

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